About the comic

Bits Fair is a fantasy adventure story, and it begins with the main character, Irya, feeling quite frustrated. Everyone's expecting him to turn out to be the same sort of failure as his brother, and they've been treating him with that assumption for years. Irya is eager to go off to the Autumn Fair, prove himself worthy to be hired, become a warrior, and, hopefully, never have to go back home. Meanwhile, an elderly woman named Hira, and a seemingly perpetually upbeat girl named Ananda, are also setting off for the Autumn Fair. Hira is looking for a twelve year old warrior boy, while Ananda is being sent away from her village by her mother, who is worried for her daughter's life. The girl herself wants, in her own words, only to eat, sleep and play, and she may well end up being the only one who genuinely gets to achieve her goals.

About the author

Bits Fair is drawn by a perpetually tired artist, who ends up coming up with stories without ever even meaning to. She also enjoys reading webcomics, baking pies, eating dumplings, petting cats, worldbuilding, and learning languages she'll never need to use.

She lives in a humid continental climate and has made twenty seven orbits around the sun so far.

You can follow her on Tumblr or contact her via e-mail.