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That's the end of chapter one!

I want to thank you all for reading this far! A few of you have been reading since October but most of my readers came from the ads I ran in January, and that was a long-ish time ago now, so huge thanks for sticking around with this comic all they way until the end of chapter one! Drawing this without any readers at all would have been super-lonely.

And finally: I have some writerly notes about this chapter:

The first scene of this chapter (pages 1-8) is one of the earliest scenes that came to my head when I was still coming up with this story. When I initially imagined it, Bits Fair was just a fledgeling idea in my head, so it must have been sometime in March 2010. The scene where Irya has a mindlymoving fail (pages 17-20) also was a scene I came up with and wrote down very early on, probably also in March (I actually knew the layout for pages 17-18 since I came up with that scene, and I kept it in my head until I finally sat down to draw some thumbnails for Bits Fair (in March 2013)).

Most of the chapter though, was written in November 2010, during the NaNoWriMo, when I sat down and churned out the first five chapters of Bits Fair. The general idea for this chapter had, at that point, spent months floating around in my head, but it was in November that I forced myself to sit down, figure out just what exactly happens in chapter 1, and then write it all down.

Once I had the first chapter written, I didn’t touch it for maybe around half a year or so, and then I started editing it. I ended up cutting some scenes, slightly modifying others, and patching up some plotholes which arose because I ended up slightly altering the setting over time. There were a bunch of times when I thought that chapter 1 was set in stone, and then I would go back and edit it some more. And I kept editing it (mostly fiddling with dialogue) until the entire chapter was drawn and I couldn’t change anything anymore.

The biggest edit I did fairly late was adding the scene found in pages 43-45. It’s odd to think that this chapter sat around for years without that scene existing… And now that I look back at what I’ve drawn, I can think of a few things I could have done better. This chapter is still, basically, a polished version of what I wrote in November 2010, and maybe doing a bigger overhaul would have been better, but oh well, it’s already all drawn, and I wouldn’t say it’s too bad! I like it, and I hope you liked reading it too!

The next chapter will be much shorter. Very much shorter.