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I am back! And you might notice that I’ve deleted almost a year’s worth of pages. Chapter 5 is getting a new ending. In a way, it’s more like the thing that I originally came up with and then never drew, but it also has some stuff that I wrote for chapter 8 but decided to move to this chapter while rethinking this story arc.

You might also notice that only the last three panels of today’s update are new panels, everything else you’ve seen before. I’ve decided to start off this way to make it clear where we’re picking up from. I would generally recommend re-reading chapter 5 after the new ending is all up online, or else it might be confusing which things are still canon and which aren’t anymore.

Finally, this story arc has been rewritten to be something quite different, but the goals it accomplishes for the larger story are pretty much the same. The main difference is that instead of advancing two lines of the story at the same time, I’ve reduced it to advancing only one line (combining those two lines was a bad idea, it resulted in stuff that bored me to death), so some characters have been cut, and this story arc will be much shorter than it was supposed to be. So even though I’ve deleted 40 weeks’ worth of pages, we’ll actually reach the ending of this story arc faster than we would have if I hadn’t decided to do a retcon.

(And by the way: Bits Far turned three years old yesterday! My little baby growing so fast!!!)