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In case it’s not clear, the last panel does not feature Irya throwing a rock at himself, it’s the old guy who did that. Mindly powers and all.

In other news, drawing an entire crowd of people doesn’t take any more time than drawing just one person. Maybe that’s what the comic should be: the entire cast of the story standing around in one panel and delivering all of their lines.

Also: mindlymoving = psychokinesis, a.k.a. telekinesis. I thought “psychokinesis” sounded too sci-fi for a story set in a pre-industrial fantasy world, so I came up with a more native-English-sounding calque. Now I wonder why it was ever called “psychokinesis” to begin with. What is it with English-speaking people and their love for Greek and Latin?

And it looks like Irya has an indestructible forehead. I think my brain was in slapstick-mode when I wrote this scene, but let’s just go along with this. If it was him hitting that rock with his forehead and not the other way around, that rock totally would have been smashed. That’s just how it is.